Empowering Decentralization
For Everyone

cavada is scalable decentralized infrastructure to achieve low cost
transaction and also provide various protcol to transform
ecosystem into web3.

cavada is linearly scalable blockchain which increase tps by transaction dividation within nodes and ai base transaction rollup system.

Use cases

Decentralized Finance
DAO Tooling
Oracle Networks
Decentralized Storage

Identity KYC
Metaverse & NFT
Web 3 Protocols
Fraud Detection & Security


Massive Scalability & Lowest Transaction Fees

Decentralized applications are here to stay. The next frontier is scaling them. Cavada serves as a step-function change in blockchain scalability, capable of supporting the largest apps in the world.

User-Driven Governance

Governance from a blockchain network is a combination and considers all aspects of norms, culture, laws, codes, people, and institutions. Cavada offers user-driven governance of blockchain with decentralization, accessibility, equitability, and managing or balancing your various interests

True Interoperable

Experience true interoperability with the Cavada. It allows different protocols of blockchain to actively communicate with each other. Hence, what that means is various chains can interact with each other and share data which in turn makes it easier to use different networks of the blockchain

Auto-Scaling & High Fairness

Cavada will autoscale dynamically based on demand in the network keeping its operational cost low to retain low gas fees. The network will further process transactions on an FFS basis to ensure high fairness eliminating MEV.

Simple Node Operating

Since historical data on Cavada will be offloaded to archive nodes on top of its linear scalability. hardware requirements to run a node on the network will be low. With the help of GUI. even non-technical users can run a node easily.

Solid Security

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) with slashing. standby nodes, node rotation and permissionless participation - all contributes to boost the security of the network. Also using the Keccak-256 hashing algorithm to improve blockchain security

High Energy Efficient

A business network in blockchain uses a ledger that is shared and immutable between all the users or members with permission. Hence, through this, there is a rise in trust, security, transparency, and traceability of the shared data of all business networks. Thus you get high energy efficiencies delivering cost savings

Engineered to involved

Built with interoperability and language compatibility in mind, Cavada is capable of evolving alongside the industry as developers and users progress. Modularity enables the Cavada technology stack to leverage new innovations to improve as governed by the community.

Carbon Neutral

Cavada leverages proof of stake and other innovations to maintain minimal environmental impact Cavada Foundation is committed to being carbon neutral and building a more energy-efficient digital assets industry

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of Tokens

Total token supply - 9,000,000,000

  • 10% Liquidity pool and market making
  • 10% Ecosystem & airdrop and marketing campaign foundation
  • 15% IEO and public sale
  • 15% Foundation
  • 20% Team
  • 30% Pre seed, private sale, vc & investors

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